Lasso Style Auto-Tie Down - Set of 4 - Industrial Grade - 2"x96" Straps

✓Our lasso straps can be used on tow dollies and wheel lifts.

✓Our tie down straps are designed with smooth O-rings that work with most popular wheel lift and tow dolly brands such as Challenger(r), Century(r).

✓ Our straps are high-quality material with special fibers to keep strong for years, not scratch wheels, and tightly secure vehicles!

✓ Once the straps and ratchets are locked there is not budging while traveling down the road!

✓ Trust our company to provide the most reliable straps on the market! Our primary concern is the safety of you and others! Our high-quality tie-downs are proven to pass regulatory inspections and safely tow!

✓ We are a U.S.A. based company.